Learn how our affiliate network works. Read next few steps, how to promote effectively.

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Let’s start with something more technical, because your affiliate links are undoubtedly the alpha and omega of your promotion. The way how you work with them is crucial. In the following part, we will briefly go through some general operations.

Select an affiliate campaign for your promotion in a tab Campaigns. All affiliate campaigns are listed in our Catalog. After opening the selected campaign, read terms (section Campaign Terms) first. Not only about a commission and cookie length, but also what is (or what isn’t) allowed regarding the promotion. We strongly recommend following the Advertisers’ terms and mainly not to do, what isn’t allowed (bullet Forbidden).

Basic affiliate link for your promotion is available in section Default Affiliate Link. It generally looks as follows:

‘a_aid’ parameter is Publisher’s ID, yours in the platform. ‘a_bid’ parameter is an ID of a creative in selected affiliate campaign. Both IDs of these parameters are unique; each Publisher is registered with a unique ID, so is each creative and our system is generating the links including correct IDs automatically. You can always check your Publisher’s ID shown at your user profile.

Remember: any affiliate link in our network redirects the user through domain to the Advertiser’s domain. To make sure that the link works properly, copy and paste it to your browser. You should get to the Advertiser’s website, then your click should be immediately displayed in Click Statistics along with the name of the affiliate campaign.

Works? Great! However, it doesn’t end here. When promoting with us, you don’t have to limit yourself by using default affiliate links only. Link Generator is prepared in our platform for you (tab Creatives).

How to build a link

This is perfect for your better analytics; use the generator and add two optional parameters. How?

  • Select the affiliate campaign first
  • Fill the boxes Data 1 (e.g. web1) and Data 2 (e.g. CTA1)
  • Click on the Generate button

The link below then looks as follows:

Using deep link

As you could surely recognize, there is one more optional parameter: Deep link. Follow the same steps:

  • Select the affiliate campaign first
  • Fill the box Deep link by pasting the URL of a website where you want to point the user (e.g.
  • Fill the other boxes (optional, see above)
  • Click on the Generate button

The link below then looks as follows:

Now you know, how to simply build your desired specific links with certainty that everything works perfectly.


Are you interested, how successful your promotion was? How many clicks and transactions were tracked in various affiliate campaigns? If you want to monitor or analyze your results, you will find all your data organized in the tab Statistics; there are three categories dividing your data into Transactions, Clicks and Reports. Koncem roku 2020 přidáváme ještě přehled Chybné prokliky více se dočtete v článku na našem blogu Nová funkce – chybné prokliky.

Transaction statistics can be filtered by using up to seven filters. It is possible to search for a transaction by using its ID. Bigger number of transactions can be filtered either by setting an arbitrary time interval of the data tracking period or by selecting an affiliate campaign. The fourth filter reflects the commission payment status, whether the commission was paid-out to you or not yet. Using the fifth filter allows you to see transactions of a selected type (e.g. lead, sale, impression etc.). With the sixth filter you can get transactions with selected transaction validation status (Pre-approved, Approved, Pending and Declined). The last filter allows you to select transactions that are paid or are ready to be paid.

For your better analysis of click statistics, you can use up to four filters. As usual, the first one filters clicks of any selected affiliate campaign. With the second one, filter your clicks by using an ID of a particular creative (a_bid, e.g. 0002258B) from an affiliate link used for promotion. As well as in transaction statistics, any bigger number of clicks can be filtered by setting an arbitrary time interval of the data tracking period. The last filter is based on click type selection; here you can choose between unique and repeated clicks.

To monitor and analyze your data (both transactions and clicks) in certain periods, use our three reports displaying selected data in daily, weekly or monthly time intervals. Simply select an affiliate campaign and set an arbitrary time interval of the data tracking period. The fourth report allows you to work with data divided with selected affiliate campaigns.

All your selected statistical data can be simply exported in CSV format (comma separated values text files). Just click on Export button placed at the top right above the data table.


Do you see any of your tracked transactions already approved? Would you like to request a payout? The process is very simple with very few terms.

How to request a payout?

To be allowed to request the payout, the total amount of approved commissions must exceed the minimum of 500 CZK. So, how to do it?

  • In tab Payouts, upload your invoice containing data according to stated information and instructions
  • Your invoice is subsequently checked and approved
  • Following the invoice data, we send the requested amount of money to your bank account given at your user profile

In case you want to promote as an individual – a non-entrepreneur without EU VAT number/registration - we will not be able to accept your request for payout, it is not currently legally permissible. We can recommend you to register your EU VAT number. After that, there are no more obstacles between you and your affiliate marketing business with us!

In case of any questions or remarks don’t hesitate to contact us via