Get new customers with affiliate marketing

Expect up to 23% increase in sales thanks to content creators from our affiliate network. Don't pay for visitors, but only for real and valid sales.

How does it work with eHUB?

Right after your program is launched, you will get access to more than 8 500 content creators, who can start promoting you right away.

Content creators offer your products or services

Our affiliate managers will reach out to suitable content creators for your business.

You will gain a new source of customers

Visitors will start coming to your website from places you wouldn't otherwise get to.

You only pay for real orders

Our cooperation model will be based only on real business results.

Expect up to 23% increase in sales

The specific results will depend on the segment you operate in, the amount of commission for content creators and the length of our collaboration duration.

Sales growth

23 %

Sales growth

8 %

Sales growth

6 %

We reduce your affiliate costs over the long term

While in PPC campaigns the cost of acquiring a new customer continues to rise over time, in affiliate marketing the cost to sales ratio , on the other hand, decreases with the passage of time. In fact, we optimize each affiliate program over the long term to generate more orders at a lower cost.

Decrease in cost per acquisition

40 %

Decrease in cost per acquisition

30 %

Decrease in cost per acquisition

20 %

Why use the eHUB platform?

Reason #1

Our system will adapt to you

As the only affiliate network on the Czech and Slovak market, we completely develop our own platform. We can fully customize it to your requirements and bring you more customers for less money.

Reason #2

Affiliate managers help you grow

It's not just about the software, it's also about the people who work with it. At eHUB, we pride ourselves on quality affiliate program management. Each affiliate manager is only in charge of a small number of programs, which they can then devote their full attention to. That way you will always have someone to turn to for advice or help.

Reason #3

Optimizing affiliate programs

The features of our system have been designed to allow us to manage each affiliate program efficiently. Conversion path analysis, overlaps with other marketing channels, detailed evaluation of affiliate program performance at the affiliate level, COS optimization, discount code usage and much more. All of this helps us to deliver ever better results.

Reason #4

Expansion abroad

Do you think the local market will soon become small for you? We are ready for that too! We currently operate in 8 countries in Europe and we are happy to help your affiliate program expand abroad as well.

Clarity, transparency and number of smart features

We have developed eHUB easy to work with and to have an absolute control over our data and programs. Useful features and reports will enable you to reach very best results for your brand and products.

All information about your affiliate program is always available to you. Plus, thanks to our robust API, we can send the data wherever you need it.

In eHUB, you have a clear overview of who is promoting you - detailed at the level of specific content creators. That way you can easily evaluate who's worth working with. And who not.

We use both automated and manual fraud controls. We automatically check brand queries in PPC ads to make sure no one is profiting from your brand. At the same time, we manually check how content creators promote their content to ensure that terms and conditions and good manners are not violated.

At the level of specific content creators, you have a detailed overview of the cost of sales (COS). You can also see what percentage of orders via affiliates have had a discount coupon applied.

At the level of specific content creators, you have a detailed view of the percentage of those who bring more new customers to you. So we can, for example, give higher commissions to content creators who bring new high-quality customers and evaluate that again afterwards.

There are many myths about affiliate marketing. One of the most widespread claims that affiliate marketing actually only happens at the end of the conversion path, and thus parasitizes other marketing channels. However, our experience confirms that this is not true. And thanks to one of our reports, you can check it out for yourself - again, at the level of individual content creators.

I want to get involved

Who will promote you?

Quality content creators account for more than half of all conversions recorded by us and are our clear priority. But we don't forget about cashback portals, coupon sites and other types of content.

55 %


Influencers, Product Aggregators, Bloggers, Review Sites, Magazines

18 %


Social networks, emailing, leadgen and more.

18 %

Coupon sites


9 %



These are average figures across all our clients.

What our clients say

Case studies

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Hundreds of brands are growing with us

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Frequently asked

How long does it take to start an affiliate program in eHUB?

The affiliate program can be launched in a matter of hours. After signing the contract, you will receive the necessary instructions (technical specifications, banner requirements, XML feed, commissions, program label, etc.) and once everything is set up and tested, we can launch the program.

How challenging is the implementation of measurement codes?

Implementing the eHUB measurement codes is not difficult and can be done in minutes. However, if you would like to get the most out of tracking (i.e. track as much affiliate order data as possible), the implementation may take longer. Even so, the implementation time is at most in the order of hours.

How to set the commission?

The amount of commission should correspond to the margin you are working with in conjunction with, for example, the average cost of other marketing channels. It is also important to at least match the commission to the competition that is already working in the affiliate market, so that partners have sufficient incentive to promote you.

Who will promote my affiliate program?

Our partners include review sites, blogs, magazines, product catalogues, influencers, cashback portals, coupon sites and more. In total, you will find more than 8 500 of them with us.

How does the number of publishers differ between your network and other networks?

The overlap of partners across the largest networks is significant in the Czech Republic and SK. The largest partners who bring in the most orders are involved in all networks and promote everywhere. They would be against themselves if they didn't.

How many extra orders can an affiliate program bring me?

Affiliate channel share averages between 5-25%. It is a minority channel, but with upfront costs (percentage or fixed commission per action).