How it works

eHUB presents one of the most effective instruments for an increase in a number of online sales. Advertiser only pays for the advertising that brings the increase of sales. Publisher is rewarded every time when his promotion brings the desired effect. The whole process consists of three simple steps:


Advertiser creates a campaign

Are you looking for new ways how to effectively promote your products or services online? Create a campaign on eHUB! Just fill out our contact form and we will fine-tune the rest of things with you according to your desire.

Become Advertiser

Publisher places the campaign on his web

Do you have a site on your web for the advertising? Sign up for eHUB and simply choose from a list of active campaigns that you can promote through your online channel.

Become Publisher

Advertiser gets new clients and Publisher gets the reward

As Publisher, you get the given reward for your successful promotion – and after the approval by Advertiser a monthly wage.

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Many large media companies belong to our group of regular Publishers along with many thematic websites and blogs about food, fashion, traveling, lifestyle, sport or electronics.

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Why to choose eHUB?


We are a stable affiliate network and we have been active on Czech market since 2010
We have already been active on Czech market since 2010 and since then we have had a very good reputation in the field of affiliate marketing cooperating with a number of clients from various spheres.


We constantly try to innovate our own technical solutions and our attitude to new needs of our clients
We follow current trends of affiliate marketing and internal internet advertising that we flexibly implement in working of eHUB. We try to create a bespoke campaign which we then always test and fine-tune.


We provide a prompt phone and email assistance
Our affiliate manager is available for each client that has some questions or that is dealing with some problems. The affiliate manager also takes care of a campaign development.


We start many new campaigns every month
A wide range of more than 100 thematic campaigns (CZ and SK) is widened with new interesting clients every month.


We offer premium reward conditions
We offer one of the most advantageous reward conditions on the market so that way Publishers get higher rewards.

We have a solid base of clients

More than 100 successful on-line projects from not only the Czech Republic and Slovakia rank among our advertisers. The most interesting campaigns that we run through our system: