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In eHUB, there are 433 affiliate programs that you can promote. Last month on average, an active content creator earned 497 EUR with us.

How does the cooperation with eHUB work?

More than 8 300 content creators are already monetizing with us. With just a few simple steps, you can join them.

Choose who you want to promote

You go through a simple registration process and choose one of our 433 programs.

You will generate an affiliate link

Once approved by our affiliate manager, you'll generate a link that you can then use across your digital channels.

Commissions will start coming in

You earn commissions of orders that come through your affiliate link. You can keep track of everything in our platform.

Why start making money with eHUB?

Reason #1

Attractive brands

From e-shops focused on fashion, furniture, healthy lifestyle, toys or sports, for example, to financial products or lead generation campaigns.

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Reason #2

A team of professionals ready to help

We founded eHUB in 2010 and built it into a unique ecosystem connecting brands and content creators. Let us help you succeed too.

Reason #3

Fair Rewards

We have proprietary technology to track conversions very accurately. Despite various changes in browsers or cookie laws, we can reliably measure your transactions. As a result, you will probably earn more with us than elsewhere.

Everything in one clear place

A sophisticated ecosystem of features gives you all the tools and data to be as successful as possible when promoting your chosen brands.

No long wait for the admin to load. Everything is always available to you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We transparently display important data for each affiliate program for you to make better decisions about your promotion.

We designed the mobile app precisely for our content creators. So you'll have the essential data about your promotion with you everywhere.

Everyone can make mistakes. When you make a mistake when creating your affiliate link or forget to swap links for an inactive program, it's fortunately not a tragedy. With the Invalid Click Report, you'll be able to quickly make amends.

We are a technology company and pride ourselves on being able to seamlessly connect our system via API and automate the necessary tasks.

Join our affiliate network

No fees or contracts
We can help with promotion
Fast commission payments
Innovative advertising creatives

What do content creators value most about us?

Every content creator is unique. That's why we treat each one individually. You'll find influencers, owners of magazines and review sites, as well as product aggregators, cashbacks, coupon sites and many more. Read what content creators appreciate about eHUB for each type of content.

Frequently asked

Will it cost me anything to register with you?

It won't. Registering with us is easy, fast and free. Plus, you'll get a small sign-up bonus from us at the beginning. Just read carefully the introductory emails you will receive the first few days after you register.

How do I get money for my promotion?

You will invoice us in the system for approved commissions. Soon after that, we will accept the invoice and pay-out in no time.

What programs does eHUB offer?

The range of programs is really wide - from e-shops focused on fashion, healthy lifestyle and sports, to financial products, travel and many more. You can find an up-to-date listing of available programs, including basic commission information, in our catalog.

How do affiliate links in eHUB works

Linking through our system always goes through a special URL.We recommend to always generate the link in our system (link generator in ad creatives).

Who can become a content creator?

Anyone, who has any media space and can promote our Advertisers online, whether using particular website, blog or for example social media account.