Welcome to the eHUB ecosystem

We are the only company on the Czech and Slovak market that completely develops its own affiliate software. It's a robust ecosystem of many features that help brands and content creators achieve great results.

Own platform,
own rules


Browser environments, mobile apps, and laws are constantly changing. We monitor these changes and continuously implement them in our system. This way, content creators get more conversions from their traffic and brands get more customers in the long run.


We understand technology and can do a lot of customized things for you for free as part of our collaboration. For example, specific conversion tracking integrations, sending data directly into your system, or specific report customizations to suit your needs.


Our goal is to make collaboration as streamlined as possible for both advertisers and content creators - saving time and money for all parties involved. That's why we're putting maximum effort into automating all parts of the process.
Advanced integrations
Advanced advertising elements
Affiliate manager who has time for you
Connecting to anything via API
Speed and clarity of platform
Fraud protection
Server-to-server measurement
Boxed solution
What does this mean? Basic affiliate software with limited features and flexibility. No one will find new affiliates for you, handle affiliate payouts, etc. We recommend this solution for smaller clients who want to try affiliate despite our non-recommendation.
Global network
What does this mean? A global affiliate solution that promises both technology and affiliate program management. These solutions are expensive, have issues with communication, quality of program management, speed of administration, etc. We do not recommend this solution.

Integration: easier than you think

Reason #1

Integration in most of platforms within 10 minutes

It's easy to integrate eHUB in your system. We can basically do it via Google Tag Manager (GTM) for you. A quick job that will not take more than 10 minutes.

Reason #2

Intelligent connection with your dashboard

We connect with your used data tools and you can check any data you have nicely put together. In case of interest, a robust API further allows us to realize a customized connection with your system.

Advanced options of customized connection

Not all integrations and requirements can be done through a simple GTM integration. But we can deal with such cases as well in form of advanced custom implementations.

This is one of the most advanced conversion tracking methods that does not store cookies in your website visitors' browsers and thus respects their privacy. It therefore complies with the latest cookie laws. However, more complex integration must be expected.

There are many myths about affiliate marketing. One of the most widespread claims that affiliate marketing actually only happens at the end of the conversion path, and thus parasitizes other marketing channels. However, our experience confirms that this is not true. And thanks to one of our reports, you can verify this for yourself - and at the level of specific content creators.

If you have your own mobile app for your customers, we can make sure you're measuring affiliate conversions correctly in your app.

This is a special model of rewarding content creators for every click they bring in. This model is especially suitable for large product comparison sites like Biano.

We can set commissions for content creators by category, brand or any other identifier. Additionally, you can also send specific cart item details of each order to us. This lets content creators know what products are selling best for them and they can tailor their promotions accordingly.

At the level of specific content creators, you have a detailed view of the percentage of orders that are placed by new customers for you. So we can, for example, give higher commissions to content creators who bring in more quality new customers, and then evaluate this clearly.

What do content creators appreciate most about our platform?

No long wait for the platform to load. Everything is always available to you - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

We have proprietary technology to track conversions very accurately. Despite various changes in browsers or cookie laws, we can accurately measure content creators' transactions and ensure they are rewarded fairly.

We designed the mobile app precisely for our content creators. This way, you'll have basic data about your promotion with you everywhere.

We can also count orders from clicks that didn't go through our standard affiliate link. All a content creator has to do is add and verify their domain with us in the platform. This method is used as another qualitative improvement of conversion tracking for our content creators.

We have our own technology for processing XML feeds. This enables us to generate customized feeds for our content creators.

For maximum transparency, we display important data of every affiliate program, based on which you can better decide about your promotion.

You can easily connect to our system and automatically download, for example, promotions and coupon data for specific e-shops or brands.

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