Cebia este liderul european în domeniul controlului, securizării și identificării vehiculelor. Această companie cehă și-a construit o reputație în întreaga Europă nu numai în rândul șoferilor, ci și printre dealerii de vehicule, atelierele de reparații auto, companiile de asigurări, companiile de leasing, instituțiile de stat și alți profesioniști din domeniul auto. Produsul principal al Cebia este un serviciu online de verificare a istoricului vehiculelor uzate, care este disponibil în multe țări europene. Cebia se bazează pe transparență și îngrijirea clienților.

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Tracking version
Advanced The most advanced version of tracking (real-time) that combines clicktracking via redirect and JS, and salestracking via pixel and JS. Of the tracking methods implemented directly in the browser (including containers), this is the most accurate and non-robust solution, resistant to most blockers.
Domain tracking
Yes For programs that have Domain Tracking available, we can also calculate orders from click-throughs that did not go through a standard affiliate link (the kind you would normally generate from our administration). The affiliate must have their site's domain registered in their profile, and if a referring URL from such a domain is recorded, we consider it an affiliate click-through even if it does not contain the standard tracking parameters. However, this is not a full-fledged alternative to tracking (equally accurate), but rather an additional option to track scenarios where the required parameters are lost in the browser or the link including the parameters cannot be placed on the site.
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Propagation limits

No emailing without prior approval
Partners may not send out emailing without the prior consent of the advertiser or network, unless it is a regular emailing with a general offer of 3 or more advertisers or brands at the same time, which the users (recipients) have agreed to receive. Any form of spam is prohibited.
Misleading advertising
Partners may not use domain names or subdomains that contain the advertiser's brand in any form without the advertiser's consent. Partners must not prepare websites that include a web page or web pages designed in such a way that there is a risk of confusion with the advertiser's website. Partners must not set up social media profiles, pages or groups containing the advertiser's brand in their name without the advertiser's consent. Furthermore, they must not use fictitious and non-existent discount coupons or promotions or any other form of spam.
PPC complete ban
Partners must not use advertising in paid search results and on social networks to promote the advertiser at all.
Ban on coupon sites
Partners may not promote the advertiser through their own coupon sites, even if the coupons and discounts section is part of another form of promotion. In this context, it is prohibited to communicate the discount coupons themselves in the promotion, unless otherwise agreed.
PPC on keywords (incl. brand) and direct arbitrage
Partners may not advertise on the advertiser's brand, any misspelled variations thereof, and other defined keywords in paid search results and on social media. And they may not use advertising in paid search results and on social media that will lead directly to the advertiser's website. If a partner wants to use PPC, they must direct traffic to their website.
Lukáš Jabůrek
Affiliate manager team leader

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