Affiliate campaign Trenýrká

E-shop, který se zaměřuje na prodej spodního prádla známých značek jako jsou Addicted, American Eagle, Diesel, Levis, Calvin Klein, Puma, Styx, Represent, El-ka, Aqalogy, Infantia, Rip Curl, Phuseckle, Obsessive, Trenzle a další.

Campaign launched: 07.03.2014
Comission PPS 11,00 %
(bez DPH a poštovného)
Specific campaign settings: This campaign has no specific settings
Cookie lifetime: 20 days
Approval interval: 60 days
  • Using browser toolbar/plug-in
  • Domains with brand name and its misspellings
  • Coupons not designated for affiliate
  • PPC brand bidding
  • Emailing with prior approval
  • Deceptive advertising
  • PPC - forbidden keywords
  • Using coupons forbidden