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Co chwalą sobie

Kamil Kotraba
Head of Performace Marketing Bonami.cz

After transitioning from another affiliate solution, we are succeeding in continuous growth in the Bonami.cz affiliate program - we especially appreciate the permanent increase in partners, the speed of communication and problem solving, technical support and the effort to constantly develop the program. Affiliate network eHUB is our stable partner and together we will continue the successful cooperation and growth of this channel.

Michal Šeděnka
E-commerce and Performance Marketing Lead Vodafone.cz

The eHUB platform helped us start our affiliate program and thanks to great communication, it helps us to develop it further. I greatly appreciate the ability to provide both commercial and technical assistance, especially in the correct tracking settings.

Petr Šteiner
Senior Marketing Specialist Smarty.cz

What we value most about the eHUB platform is the time flexibility with which they deal with our requests. In addition to the advanced reporting and clarity of the platform, we also appreciate the speed of transitioning to eHUB from another platform.

Martin Borl
Owner of Littleshoes.cz

We have been cooperating with eHUB for almost 2 years, and during that time the number of partners involved in our program has increased significantly, bringing in an ever-increasing volume of transactions. In the affiliate program, we see not only a purely performance benefit, but through it we also build brand awareness and start building long-term relationships with our customers. We appreciate the flexible support from eHUB and the desire to expand the partner network so that we can fulfill our marketing goals.

Tomáš Ráček
Head of External Call Center and Affiliate network at mBank

Three years ago, our cooperation with the eHUB platform, which forms the cornerstone of our newly created affiliate program in the Czech and Slovak Republics, began to be mapped. It provides us with an advanced technical background and, thanks to excellent communication, helps us not only with our development, but also shares current trends in the affiliate world.

Jiří Laburda
Senior online marketing specialist Marimex

We started working with the eHUB affiliate network a year and a half ago. From the beginning, the cooperation has been trouble-free, we have full technical and administrative support from them. We were surprised by the ease of implementation of the tracking code, the clarity of the platform and the quick engagement of affiliate partners. We are also satisfied with the individual performance of partners. Thanks to the cooperation with eHUB.cz, we were able to grow even in this difficult time, and we believe that this will continue to be the case in the future. We are convinced that the decision to choose eHUB.cz was the right one, because we found in it a quality partner for expanding the affiliate network.

Klaudio Fejzaj
Growth Manager Lentiamo

eHUB has allowed our brand not only to seamlessly transition from our inhouse solution to a managed platform, but to grow our partnerships while reducing overhead costs. Their dedicated Affiliate Managers help us support the growth and needs of our brand by doing all the hard work for us.

Michal Majgot
Senior affiliate manager at Alza.cz

Affiliate network eHUB helps us to develop affiliate of Alza in Slovakia. We thus use their advanced technical solution, which allows us to further scale the program and fairly reward the partners involved. I also appreciate the excellent communication and human approach. And not only to us, but also to affiliate partners. eHUB is a reliable business partner for us, with whom we want to further develop our affiliate program and make it better.

Jaroslav Pisklák
Managing Director and Business Manager Nutsman.cz

Joining the eHUB affiliate network brought us new horizons, new opportunities to cooperate with partners. We are satisfied with the technical solution and overall approach of eHUB.

Karel Svoboda
Marketing manager at Ozdobdort.cz

The most important factor for us when choosing an affiliate platform was the possibility of complete automation, simple connection and quick response of the platform's staff. In the end, we chose the eHUB platform, which meets all the requirements. We have currently included our other e-shops that we operate in the platform and we are very satisfied with the results.

Jiří Votava
owner of BrainMarket

What we especially appreciate about the eHUB platform is the high-quality communication and the ability to flexibly and quickly solve our requests. Thanks to the cooperation with eHUB, the affiliate has become a stable part of our marketing mix.

Josef Buryan
Chief Marketing Officer Aktin/Vilgain

Cooperation with the eHUB affiliate network is an important step for us at Aktin in expanding our affiliate marketing coverage. Although we were already working with our own solution, joining forces with eHUB allows us to scale our activities more effectively and create synergies where both solutions complement and strengthen each other. eHUB provides us with an advanced technical solution that contributes significantly to the growth and effectiveness of our affiliate program. We appreciate their fair and transparent approach to affiliate and excellent communication, which is key to both the relationship with us and the relationship with our partners. eHUB is not only a technical provider for us, but a reliable business partner with whom we want to continuously develop and improve our affiliate program.

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